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Marine Lubricants for Shipping Industry


delivering marine lubricants and services since 1952


customers trust our marine lubricants on-board thousands of vessels


partnering with Lubmarine means personalized local service is assured


supplying a worldwide network of ports and major shipyards

Engine oils, Lubricants & Greases

Solution-driven Services

Safety first

Safety is always a priority for Lubmarine because safety drives efficient operations. Our concern for safety is fully integrated into every stage of our procedures.

We implement safety rules for our production sites and deliveries, such as using only double-hulled barges for seagoing and river deliveries and respecting safety rules for ship visits.

Switchovers and newbuilding programs

Changing your lubricants to the Lubmarine range? Lubmarine makes any switchover as seamless as possible.

We work hand-in-hand with customers, newbuild teams and OEMs to develop Lubcharts based on the equipment and grades of lubricants needed. A technical expert will audit your existing products to recommend the optimal solution.

Comprehensive online and on-board services

The performance of our marine lubricants can be tested and analyzed at any time using our used oil analysis service, Diagomar Plus.

On-board testing via our Tech'care and Total Cylinder Care kits allow for immediate laboratory based oil analysis and preventive maintenance.

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