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Through TALUSIA Cylinder Oils and supported by Drain Oil Analysis and Optimization services, discover our comprehensive range of solutions that ensure optimum engine condition and operational expenses control in a highly competitive deep-sea shipping market.

The international maritime and shipping industry transport over 90 percent of the world's international trade, mainly onboard container, bulker and tanker vessels.

  • Container ships transport goods in truck-size intermodal containers.
  • Dry bulk carriers transport commodities such as iron ore, coal, and grains.
  • Tankers move crude oil, chemicals, and petroleum products.

Most of the deep-sea cargo vessels are fitted with 2-stroke engines.

Lubmarine delivers TALUSIA Cylinder Oils, a comprehensive marine lubricants range that guarantees world-class equipment protection and performance with optimum operational reliability in a wide variety of operating conditions.

The TALUSIA UNIVERSAL and TALUSIA OPTIMA ranges offer flexibility on one unique cylinder oil suitable for 2-stroke diesel engines powered by a wide range of residual fuels.

To ensure efficiency in a highly competitive market, we provide high-quality drain oil analysis and feed rate optimization services. Superintendents can optimize their engine feed rate to ensure operational expenses (OPEX) are managed and an optimal engine condition is maintained.