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Navies require a high demand for reliability, efficiency, availability on propulsion systems. Discover our turnkey solutions to meet the stringent naval requirements on network agility, customer service responsiveness and best-in-class products across our global network of 1000 ports in 100 countries.

The Naval sector has grown in recent years. Requirements within this segment include highly reliable, efficient and proven propulsion systems with excellent load acceptance. While not a strict requirement, there is still a demand for limiting emissions as much as possible. Navies often make special demands on their propulsion systems, compared to civilian vessels. These include shock-proofing, noise cancellation and anti-magnetic propulsion systems.

Naval vessels can be divided into a number of types according to the operations they perform, these include:

  • Frigate built for speed and maneuverability,
  • Aircraft carrier served as a seagoing airbase,
  • Destroyer to escort fleet, convoy or battle group,
  • Amphibious Transport Dock Ship designed to convoy troops and warfare elements,
  • Corvette designed for the defense of a fleet or the surveillance of an area.

Lubmarine delivers a comprehensive range of products that are capable of meeting the strictest special naval requirements within a worldwide network of 1000 ports in 100 countries.

AURELIA and DISOLA guarantee high safety margins, high levels of engine cleanliness and compatibility with all main fuel types, including High and Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO, LSFO), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), distillates, marine diesel oil and gas oil.

Our range of turbine oil, PRESLIA, is designed specifically for steam and gas turbines, with extreme resistance to high temperature and oxidation conditions.

In addition, Lubmarine offers a complete range of synthetic ester Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) to comply with regional environmental regulations. Our BIO lubricants and greases are Vessel General Permit (VGP) compliant for oil-to-sea interfaces and are perfectly suited for use with deck equipment.

Lubmarine also provides a TECH’CARE system. TECH’CARE is an easy-to-use onboard oil analysis service that gives rapid feedback on marine lubricant condition. We also provide onshore support through our DIAGOMAR PLUS oil analysis laboratory. By carefully monitoring lubricant and vessel machinery condition, detecting and reacting to any abnormalities and contamination, the DIAGOMAR PLUS oil analysis lab prevents unnecessary wear or damage before it happens.