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At Lubmarine we designed TECH’CARE systems to be easy-to-use onboard oil analysis and give rapid feedback on marine lubricant condition:

  • TECH'CARE COOLANT, ideally suited for the engine cooling fluids monitoring on-site, facilitates checking of important traits of the coolant,
  • TECH’CARE PRO.2, equipped with the advanced Rapid Oil Test Gauge to measure and monitor the water content of lubricants up to 1.5%, including tests of Insoluble and Base Number, relevant to any vessels internal combustion engines,
  • TECH'CARE TCC, an onboard test kit to easily measure the level of iron contained in the marine cylinder drain oil sample and track cold corrosion in the engine’s cylinders.

The TECH’CARE range of equipment is intended to be robust for use in marine applications, to give reliable and repeatable results on oil condition, and if necessary to support immediate action to be taken by crews to safeguard vessel machinery.

All TECH’CARE reagents are considered nonhazardous for air transportation and can be replenished to shipowners' vessels at almost any destination - We are committed to optimizing your efficiency.