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A virtual ship displaying the 4 new categories of Lubmarine Services Offer

We are launching a major new service initiative at SMM, September 6-9, 2022 in Hamburg.


Our approach to the way we deliver our services is being enhanced for the benefit of all our customers. We are upgrading the way Lubmarine services are offered and delivered to guarantee optimum efficiency, and to provide total peace of mind for vessel operators and owners alike.


A new solutions suite will be unveiled which is based on four innovative service categories:


  • A better way to manage, monitor, and optimize your vessels’ operations and equipment – welcome to the LubPortal service. Learn more.


  • Gain efficiencies with our onsite and onboard equipment to improve the way you manage your equipment and engine lubrication – find out about LubInsight.


  • For more in-depth insights use LubDiag. This is our state-of-the-art laboratory analysis programme which can help you to assess lubricant condition and how your equipment and engine is performing.


  • Call on our market-leading expertise with LubSkills for technical assistance, in-depth inspections and training.


Follow us to discover more on the launch of our easy-to-use service solutions that provide intelligent online insights for your crew and onshore teams. We’re excited about the future.


See you at SMM - A3.409. Halle 3.