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Available in ports: Premium

Marine system oil for slow-speed 2-stroke engines used to top up when the viscosity of the system oil in service is too high

ATLANTA MARINE D system oils have been specifically designed for the lubrication of slow speed 2-stroke crosshead diesel engines.

ATLANTA MARINE D offers excellent detergency, thermal stability and resistance to foaming.
Its anti-oxidant properties enable superb antirust and anti-corrosive capability, protecting all components it is used to lubricate.
Its water separation and insoluble separation abilities also prevent the build-up of liquids.

All of these features combine to give ATLANTA MARINE D outstanding anti-wear performance.


MAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS; WÄRTSILÄ; Japan Engine Corporation (UE Engines)


  • SAE 50
  • BN 6
  • Density @ 15°C 890
  • Density @ 20°C 887
  • Viscosity @ 100°C 8.8
  • PP -6
  • Flash Point COC > 220
SDS (safety data sheet website)