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How do you measure iron content?

Lubmarine offers a wide range of solutions to measure iron content of used oil.

- LubInsight Iron, the on-board portable lubricant analysis mini laboratory.

Operators can collect rapid and reliable results with our LubInsight Test kit.

- LubInsight Iron neo, a fully digitalized and integrated solution to monitor your testing process.

The LubInsight neo range provides a fully interconnected, global on-board system for every stage of the lubricant sampling and testing process. Get accurate Iron Content data (ppm) with the LubInsight Iron neo modules and LubInsight XRF neo (X-Ray).

- LubDiag Oil Analysis, in-depth lubricant analysis

Thanks to our 5 laboratories around the globe, ship operators can effectively collect in-depth results on their lubrication and take immediate actions with the support of our Lubmarine engineers.

Learn more on our Marine Lubrication Service offer.

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