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Talusia Universal is not listed in the recent Service Letter - SL2020-694 - from MAN-ES. Can I continue to use Talusia Universal?

You can continue to use Talusia Universal as normal. In fact, on 19th May, 2020 in response to issuing its new Service Letter SL2020-694, MAN Energy Solutions issued Lubmarine with an updated Non Objection Letter (NOL) for Talusia Universal.

As a result, Talusia Universal remains fully certified for use on MAN B&W two-stroke engines operating on <0.50% S VLSFO and fuel with a sulfur content ranging from 0.5 to 1.5% sulfur.

According to MAN-ES, the Service Letter SL2019-671 - Cylinder lubrication update for 0 to 0.50% sulfur fuels - still applies until a new Service Letter is issued.  SL2019-671 is very flexible. The focus is on monitoring the cylinder condition and ensures that the piston ring pack is clean and moving freely. In case of excessive deposit build-up, use oil with higher cleaning ability, like Talusia Universal.

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