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Shipping operator consulting Lubmarine digital portal on a tablet

Serving the global maritime sector since 1952, today Lubmarine delivers a wide range of pioneering and market leading lubricating solutions utilized across the full spectrum of the global maritime industry.


Core to our role as a leader in global marine and lubrication management is our continual emphasis on developing innovative solutions, in line with OEM and energy transition requirements, backed up by an international support team, providing dedicated technical expertise.


This includes providing ship operators with the ability to monitor engine performance to help prevent costly damage, enabling superintendents to optimize fleet operations and collaborate easily across global teams helping streamline daily operations.


Our approach has culminated in the development and launch of a brand-new suite of ground-breaking lubrication management services which we recently unveiled at SMM in Hamburg.



Introducing Our New Range of Interconnected Lubrication Services


The new digital services platform delivers vessel operators, owners and management teams around the world with total connectivity for each individual vessel in their fleet.


Fully digitalized, the interconnected global on-board lubricant sampling and testing services provide data insights on the health of a vessels’ engine and equipment, helping optimize vessel operations, enabling both onboard and onshore teams to connect and make data driven lubrication management decisions through a dedicated portal.


The new platform is easy-to-use, providing intelligent online insights including:

  • LubPortal: a central resource for all stakeholders on every vessel helping manage and optimize vessel operations, from equipment monitoring to lube oil procurement.
  • LubInsight: helps vessel owners and operators improve the way they manage their equipment and engine lubrication with on-board equipment.
  • LubDiag: offers a range of in-depth assessments on lubricant condition and how your equipment and engine is performing with laboratory analysis.
  • LubSkills: offers a range of support services and technical expert insights from engine inspection and issue investigation, through to bespoke training for better lubrication and equipment knowledge-share.


Specific features of the new services include:


  • Vessel’s overview and lubrication chart
  • Equipment monitoring based on used oil condition
  • Samples management
  • Analysis results and drain oil reports to safeguard engines and equipment
  • Support from Lubmarine technical teams
  • Communication module (chat function) for collaborating between onshore, onboard and Lubmarine teams
  • Better access to data delivering improvements in operation and product insights


In short, the new services offer has been designed to guarantee full access to key data for optimum efficiency.


Not Just About Digitalization and Technical Support


In addition to the new digital services, the new services offer also incorporates our customer service and supply chain experts. With a worldwide presence in over 100 countries and 1,000 ports, we ensure our people, our solutions and products are available where you need them.


MyLubmarine Order gives you access to a dedicated ordering portal to meet your procurement needs with a tailored platform solution which guarantees speed of response, easy order validation, and delivery follow-up.


From order to delivery and after sales follow-up, we foster a tailored customer experience that provides complete confidence and creates efficiencies by freeing up time and resources.


As Lubmarine’s Service Manager Olivier Suming highlights: “We recognize the importance of data and we have engineered a range of digital solutions on the basis that companies need to streamline daily operations so vessel operators can focus on what matters most at sea; delivering cargo safely, efficiently and on time.”