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Lubmarine 70th anniversary logo with a cargo vessel at berth behind

As part of our 70th anniversary celebrations we look at our passion for supporting our customers across the global shipping industry which has driven the business from day one.


The strength of our relationships – those between the members of our team, our partners and affiliates around the world, and of course with our customers, is the lifeblood of Lubmarine.


Our passion for shipping runs through every aspect of the business, driving us to create innovative performance lubricants that evolve to meet the needs of the shipping industry combined with excellent technical knowledge and support, for ship owners and operators, no matter where they are in the world


Providing understanding to our customers and the issues they face is a critical part of our approach. A lot of people within the Lubmarine team today were previously seafarers or have a shipping related background, enabling us to add insight and knowledge.


Shipping is part of their DNA and this contributes to the strength of the business.


Current Lubmarine General Manager Arnaud Guichard believes that critical to Lubmarine’s success is the expertise and commitment to driving standards right across the business.

“What struck me from my very early days of arriving at Lubmarine was the knowledge,  and diversity of our team. I have experienced how passionate people are about our business. We have highly talented and experienced people within Lubmarine and it is clear that there is real dynamism, energy - an appetite and capacity to challenge ourselves. This level of expertise, knowledge and drive also extends across our network of partners."


Developing Seafaring Partnerships


As a leading name in the global shipping and seafaring world, we are also committed to supporting organizations that exist to promote and support the seafarers of today and tomorrow in addition to supporting projects designed to educate and highlight best practice in a number of different areas including education, environment, social care and sport.


Examples of this include:

  • International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN) - we have been proactively supporting ISWAN’s ‘Seafarer Help’ Programme and in particular its ‘24-hour helpline’ one of the direct welfare services the charity provides to seafarers around the world, calls to which more than tripled during the Covid pandemic when seafarers were impacted by mobility restrictions.


  • The Mission to the Seafarers, Hong Kong - is dedicated to providing advice for Seafarers and includes facilities to go ashore and receive assistance. Lubmarine is happy to support the operation of their launch vessel.


  • Au Rad’lo -When we became aware of Au Rad’lo a French association created in 2016, with the aim of improving survival at sea, we explored how we could work together with them given the safety-first synergy. We have now collaborated on a range of highly successful projects with Au Rad’lo.


  • Maritime Academic Support Programme (MASP) - Since 2004, Lubmarine has partnered with some of the leading maritime academies to provide training seminars, and for over 150 students, financial assistance through merit, and need-based scholarships. We also support marine engineers' learning by supplying marine lubricants for a range of training institutions' test engines and equipment. These organizations include:

-    L'École Nationale Supérieure Maritime (ENSM), France

-    Marine Engineering College, Dalian Maritime University, China

-    Merchant Marine College, Shanghai Maritime University, China

-    National Kaohsiung Marine University, Taiwan


  • Plastic Odyssey - Lubmarine is proud to support Plastic Odyssey, a "flagship" of ocean protection representing a catalyst in the fight against plastic pollution. Plastic Odyssey is a real-life R&D floating field station for researchers, engineers, and scientists. In addition to carrying out a technical-socio-economic inventory of pollution, one of its missions is to document proven solutions to deal with them. It sets sail around the world as an ambassador for waste reduction and recovery - a voyage across 3 continents (Africa, Asia, South America) that will reach areas most affected by plastic pollution.


  • Racing yacht Scugnizza - We have been sponsoring the racing yacht Scugnizza and its skipper, Enzo De Blasio, along with his highly experienced crew for a number of seasons. A highly successful team, Scugnizza has enjoyed numerous victories.


Supporting Shipping’s Energy Transition

Our people and our partners are passionate about the shipping industry, passionate about supporting our customers and finding specific solutions to not only meet their needs, but to drive our business forward and by doing so, contributing to the transformation of the shipping industry.

Our People