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Barge delivering lubricant alongside a cargo vessel

As part of our goal to provide performance cylinder oils, market leading technical services and close customer proximity, we are delighted to announce the first delivery of our newly launched MAN ES Cat. II Talusia HD 40 cylinder oil.


The delivery of 70,000 litres of Talusia HD 40 has been made to the ANTONIS I. ANGELICOUSSIS -  Crude Oil Tanker located in the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard in Geoje, Korea ahead of its maiden voyage.


The delivery forms part of our global distribution strategy which will see Talusia HD 40 available initially in all major shipyards and ports in Korea, Singapore, China and Rotterdam, before being further extended by Q2/2023, to other major worldwide ports.


The launch of Talusia HD 40 reflects the highly successful and collaborative approach between ourselves and MAN ES, resulting in a fully endorsed OEM approved cylinder oil solution for their Mark 9 and higher 2-stroke engines.


Designed to Deliver MAN ES Cat. II Compliance and Exceptional Cleaning Performance


Not only is it MAN ES Cat. II compliant, Talusia HD 40 cylinder oil has been designed to deliver exceptional clean engine performance – and comes to the market following extensive research and development, sea trials and collaboration with MAN ES.


It delivers a tailor-made lubrication solution for today’s low sulfur fuels with up to 0.5% sulfur content.


OEM status on 2-stroke engine performance and low sulfur fuels


MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) created the new Cat. II product category listing, requiring compliant lubricants to offer a BN level of 40 combined with the cleaning ability of a BN 100 lubricant. It meant vessel operators would be able to order, stock and use one lubricant instead of using two alternating products in its Mark 9 and newer two-stroke marine engine designs.


Key Performance Features of Talusia HD 40


In addition to MAN ES Cat. II compliance, Talusia HD 40:

- Delivers superior engine cleanliness

- Combats cylinder deposits and reduces engine wear

- Performs under pressure with excellent thermal and oxidation stability



- Prolonged engine life maximising asset value

- Reduced operating costs and maintenance downtime

- Enhanced vessel operating uptime and reliability.


A global footprint for Talusia HD 40


Both Lubmarine’s Supply Chain Director, Mariane Axt and Customer Operations & Services Director Graham Allinson welcomed the first delivery of Talusia HD 40.


"We are delighted to have made the maiden delivery of Talusia HD 40 to the ANTONIS I. ANGELICOUSSIS as part of our initial distribution roll out to the major shipyards and ports in Korea, Singapore, China and Rotterdam. From here, the network will be extended further in Q2/2023, widening the global availability of Talusia HD 40 to other worldwide ports, ensuring our shipping customers are running with their preferred MAN ES Cat. II compliant lubricant in all locations."