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Available in ports: S.I.

Marine cylinder oil for slow-speed 2-stroke engines running on ECA fuels below 0,1% sulfur.

TALUSIA LS 25 is a highly reliable low alkaline lubricant specifically designed for slow speed 2-stroke engines running on distillate fuels with up to 0.1% sulfur content.
Ensuring reliable operations with ECA compliant ultra low sulphur fuels, TALUSIA LS 25 provides excellent cleanliness and outstanding deposit control.

Thanks to its low-ash content, engines using TALUSIA LS 25 are protected against deposit formation which can lead to scuffing issues.

IMPORTANT NOTE: TALUSIA LS 25 is in the process of being withdrawn from the range and will no longer be available from January 1, 2021. Please contact us for more information and technical support.


  • SAE 50
  • BN 25
  • Density @ 15°C 908
  • Density @ 20°C 905
  • Viscosity @ 100°C 19
  • PP -10
  • Flash Point COC > 230
SDS (safety data sheet website)