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Available in ports: Premium Core Limited

Marine trunk piston engine oil for high speed turbo-charged diesel engines.

DISOLA W is a multigrade marine trunk piston engine oil for highly rated diesel engines (life boat engines, emergency power units, fire pumps). DISOLA W extends engine life.

Very stable multigrade feature enabling the lubricant to be used in all seasons.
Easier engine starts under cold conditions.
Very high detergent properties at high temperature and high dispersant properties at low temperature.
Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
Very good antiwear properties.

Meets API CI-4/CF specifications. Meets ACEA B4-12, A2-96, E3-96


MAN ES (MAN B&W) ; Caterpillar ECF-2 ; Cummins ; Perkins ; Mercedes Benz ; Mitsubishi


  • SAE 15W40
  • BN 11
  • Density @ 15°C 888
  • Density @ 20°C 884
  • Viscosity @ 100°C 13.4
  • PP -30
  • Flash Point COC > 220