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Total Lubmarine provides a new way to reduce operating costs, increase reliability, mitigate engine risks and reduce environmental impact with WT SUPRA.

Total Lubmarine brings innovation to the coolant market with its patented carboxylate technology. WT SUPRA Coolant is an environmentally friendly inhibitor concentrate that delivers extended service life and superior corrosion protection.

We offer a solution to help increase operating performance and protection for both engine manufacturers and operators alike, and which gives complete assurance on their engine performance,” says Stuart Fuller, Global Brand Manager at Total Lubmarine. “We are truly delighted with WT SUPRA’s proven coolant performance and corrosion inhibitors. It is approved by more than 10 major engine designers which gives the market confidence in the quality and suitability of our product technology and what it can deliver for the marine and power generation industries.

Carefully formulated using unique organic technologies, the product has been specifically designed for use in marine 2 stroke, 4 stroke and stationary engines as well as smaller, high speed auxiliary engines.

WT SUPRA, contains none of the inorganic ingredients, such as phosphates, nitrates, amines, boron or silicates, typically found in other coolants,” says Fuller. “We have been careful to develop an advanced solution that reduces the need for frequent waste disposal and provides added protection to the environment with non-polluting properties. It uses the latest organic technology, delivering high performance and extended service life to equipment, reducing overall maintenance costs.”

The science behind WT SUPRA provides:

 - enhanced protection of wet cylinder liners at increased temperatures

 - exceptionally low inhibitor depletion rate ensuring long term system protection

- excellent protection of engine materials against corrosion and cavitation, including aluminum, brass, copper, solder, steel, and cast iron

- outstanding service life – at least 32,000 hours in engines with just a 5 vol.% concentration

Unlike other coolants on the market, with WT SUPRA there’s absolutely no need to introduce supplementary additives when using WT SUPRA because there is minimal depletion of the coolant’s active ingredients,” says Fuller. “It is in essence a ‘fill-for-life’ product, which saves on regular maintenance and costly downtime especially when correct top-up procedures are followed.

We’ve been delighted with the laboratory tests and the on-site operations using diesel and gas engines. As part of this analysis we carry out aging tests that are conducted under more severe conditions compared to those commonly used in the industry. Results have shown that the organic inhibitors used in WT SUPRA provide optimal results even at high running temperatures due to its strong anti-corrosion and anti-cavitation protectors.

Fuller highlights: “As part of our ongoing commitment to meet the needs of our customers, we have also introduced an onboard laboratory kit, TECH CARE COOLANT, specifically optimized for the WT SUPRA product. Alongside our existing laboratory analysis services, we have also introduced the DIAGOMAR COOLANT analysis service.

Total Lubmarine offers WT SUPRA in many locations around the world.

Meet the experts and discover more on the WT SUPRA by visiting Booth H29 at Euromaritime 2020 in Marseille, France.


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