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Marine engines are becoming ever more efficient as engine technology and vessel operations evolve in response to increasingly stringent environmental and operational regulations. Changing engine technologies and tougher regulations have put a greater strain than ever before on the performance requirements of lubricants used on-board vessels worldwide.

Research & Development is the cornerstone of Lubmarine's activity. Researchers, chemists and engineers can be found at our Centre de Recherche de Solaize (CRES), based near Lyon, France. The researchers at CRES strive to improve the quality, reliability and performance of TotalEnergies lubricants and greases, with rigorous testing at all stages of product development.

The research team’s key tasks include:

  • Formulating of lubricants designed for engines and technology of the future,
  • Developing of fluids and greases for automotive, industrial, marine and high-performance engines including Formula 1,
  • Improving existing product performance in accordance with regulatory and original equipment manufacturer requirements,
  • Reducing environmental impact.

A dedicated team of marine lubricant researchers identifies and assesses new chemistry formulations. The laboratory is also equipped with the latest marine engines and equipment to ensure that our marine lubricants perform well under simulated severe engine running conditions.

CRES ensures Lubmarine is able to provide ship operators with marine oils and greases that are ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow.