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Lubmarine General Manager Arnaud Guichard looks ahead to what is already shaping up to be a busy 2023.



As we head into this early part of 2023, we do so with optimism, enthusiasm and no small measure of excitement as we look to support our customers around the world with new products, services, a growing team and significant investment in the future.


Of course, the recent past has told us that you can never guarantee the actual journey that the global shipping market will take – such is its nature. But through two of the most challenging years the marine lubricant market has perhaps ever faced, we have learned a lot – and applied that learning to better support our customers in 2023.



A More Stabilized Market in 2023


As 2022 progressed it certainly became a more positive year and we optimistically anticipate a more stabilized market again in 2023 – one with less turbulence and disruption in both base oil and additive supplies.


Our previous decisions which saw us act to diversify our supply chains to help mitigate risk have proven to be positive ones and we believe our customers will further reap the reward of this in 2023 with the main indicators for a more stable year in place.



New Services


Towards the end of 2022, we were able to launch our brand new services range at SMM in Hamburg – the culmination of major investment and incredibly hard work across our team.


This enabled us to develop a unique digitalized offering in the market in the shape of a range of fully interconnected lubrication services and connected devices to monitor the lubrication of any vessel at any time.


This suite of services is a real game changer in terms of lubrication monitoring, management and strategy with major benefits to ship operators and crews and our plan is to ramp up the global rolling out of this suite of services across 2023.



New Products, Major Investments


Complementing our new services, we also have our new MAN ES Category II certified product Talusia HD 40, which is now available in Singapore, Korea and Rotterdam.


We also anticipate the launch of another highly innovative new product in 2023, positively impacting vessels’ fuel efficiency.


We have also committed to investing in R&D to help us develop the products of the future to reflect shipping’s journey towards decarbonization.


There is no doubt that LNG will remain a major fuel focus for some time to come and we have solutions for this in terms of our new Talusia HD 40 which comes in addition to the Talusia Universal for the cylinder oils and the Aurelia LNG and the Disola for our engine oils range.


What is for sure is that through the close working relationships we have with our customers and engine manufacturers we will be in the right place to assess where the market will place its emphasis.


New Territories/ More Opportunities


2023 will also see new opportunities for growth – in particular in locations including Saudi Arabia and India - where we are delighted to be working with partners who, like us, are passionate about developing and growing the customer base.


More People – Even Closer Customer Proximity


In addition to major investments in new products and services, with Covid restrictions now thankfully lifting, we have a great opportunity to get even closer to our customers and partners and will be growing our global teams accordingly, in particular with the expansion of our operations and customer services team.


Our goal is for increased in-person meetings, visits and seminars, whilst also strengthening our operations and growing our customer services team. It’s about really investing in one of our market differentiators – great customer relationships built on understanding their needs and supporting them through innovative products, world-class logistics, tailor made services and invaluable technical support.


It is certainly already shaping up to be an energized 2023 and we are looking forward to working with our customers, suppliers, partners and affiliates right around the world.


As I close out my first blog of 2023, I would like to wish every one of our customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues and of course you - our brand follower - a healthy, prosperous and successful new year.


Take care of yourselves and see you soon!

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