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TALUSIA UNIVERSAL The Single Cylinder Oil Solution for all 2020 compliant fuels

The development of low sulfur fuels through the introduction of IMO2020 has been the most significant change to the way in which the global fleet has been powered since the introduction of the diesel engines in the maritime industry a little over 100 years ago.


As 2020 has come and almost gone, we saw the industry adapt to the initial IMO challenges of low sulfur fuels. At the same time it has been a momentous year for the emergence of LNG as a commercially viable, practical, scalable and globally available alternative fuel solution.


Whilst the use of low sulfur fuels has clear benefits on emissions reductions, what has been proven is that challenges around fuel quality have brought with them real issues for modern marine engines. For not only are 2-stroke engines sensitive to corrosion but they also face an increased risk of engine deposit build up.


Whatever your post IMO2020 fuel strategy, fuel flexibility and correct lubrication selection go hand in hand, helping create operational efficiencies.


An Effective Single Cylinder Oil Solution


TALUSIA UNIVERSAL is proven to handle the engine cleanliness demands of all engine technologies using low sulfur fuels in all conditions, with more than 125 million successful operating hours.


It can be used seamlessly as a single cylinder oil across all IMO 2020 compliant fuels in two-stroke diesel and DF engines, such as LSFO, VLSFO, ULSFO (ECA) and LNG, which means you no longer need to match lubricants to different fuel types (FO, GO, LNG).


Furthermore, TALUSIA UNIVERSAL has proven to provide additional safety margins compared to BN40 CLO, achieving the lowest recommended LOFR and offers benefits including:

  • Avoiding complex BN management and CLO switching
  • Removing the challenge of matching lubricants to different fuel types
  • Simplifying lubricant management operations for crew
  • Mitigating any risk of human error
  • Creating simplified lubrication logistics, storage and administration processes.


Its unique chemistry and proven performance provide fast and efficient acid neutralization. It also enables you to optimize the feed rate and maintain the iron content below the OEM required level during long-term operations.


And with a fully established worldwide distribution network, TALUSIA UNIVERSAL is available in all Total Lubmarine’s global port locations.


OEM Validation


Most recently, TALUSIA UNIVERSAL (57 BN, SAE 50) received a revised No Objection Letter (NOL) from Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) for its complete range of DF engines, confirming validation across the full range of WinGD (including legacy Sulzer) engines. The NOL was awarded following the successful completion of extensive field tests comprising of more than 8,000 hours – including 4,000 hours performed on-board a vessel with a 6X62DF engine burning LNG.


The DF validation adds to the existing validation, issued on March 3, 2020, for use in WinGD X, WinGD X-DF, WinGD RT-flex, WinGD RT-flex-DF, Wärtsilä RTA, Wärtsilä RT-flex and Wärtsilä X engines as well as in Sulzer 2-stroke engines operating on fuels with a sulfur content in the range of 0.00<S<1.50 % m/m.


WinGD’s latest NOL for TALUSIA UNIVERSAL means the cylinder oil is seamlessly compatible and proven for any IMO 2020 compliant fuel strategy such as LSFO, VLSFO, ULSFO and Dual Fuel (DF), including LNG. Choosing TALUSIA UNIVERSAL will deliver efficiencies in engine performance to meet with today’s IMO operating parameters and new fuel choices. Ship operators can use with confidence TALUSIA UNIVERSAL as their single cylinder oil solution for any 2020 compliant fuel, including those operators making the switch to LNG.


For more information about the performance benefits visit our page regarding TALUSIA UNIVERSAL.

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