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The Global Sulfur Cap is the most significant change to the way in which the global fleet is powered since the 19th-century switch from wind to coal. We recognize the need for continual improvement and development in our marine lubricants portfolio. TotalEnergies continues to explore new opportunities to meet the emerging demands of OEMs and new, more challenging, engines and equipment, but also to look further forward to develop solutions that can deliver real-world economic advantages for our customers.

The shipping industry, which until 2019 has relied mainly on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to power its engines, now stands at the crossroads and has many choices. From January 1 2020, ship operators will need to switch to fuel types under 0.5% sulfur oxides (SOx) or use sulfur abatement technology (scrubbers) to remain compliant and continue to operate their vessels. This requirement enforced by IMO 2020 regulation to reduce the amount of harmful SOx released into the atmosphere will affect an estimated 96,000 ships worldwide.

At TotalEnergies, we invest substantially in both low sulfur and low carbon future by developing new fuels and innovations such as marine batteries. Our marine engine oils range is based on pioneering chemistry to ensure compatibility with all fuel and engine types.

Compliance with The Global Sulfur Cap

TotalEnergies, a long-term partner to the shipping industry, has developed a broad range of fuels and lubricants, designed to support our global customers, however they choose to power their vessels.

As a supplier of innovative solutions, we are confident that together we can build a sustainable future.